Monday, August 5, 2013

Just How Clueless and Spineless is North Carolina Gov. McCrory? - The Gov. Will Sign a Bill Restricting Voting Rights Part of Which He Does Not Know About and Has Not Seen

.And Weak and Ineffective Politician Captured by the Right Wing of His Party

In 2012 North Carolina elected former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory as the new Republican Governor.  Mr. McCrory had been known in Charlotte as a moderate, relatively bi-partisan, lets-work-together mayor in a Democratic city.  He was expected to continue the tradition of pragmatic, economic growth oriented, education supporting previous Republican governors of that state.

It turns out that Mr. McCrory is largely a caricature and largely a captive of the extreme elements of his party.  He said in the campaign he would not sign new restrictions on abortions, and now says he will (can’t have the GOP mad at him, can we?).  He has provided little or no guidance in Raleigh on tax and spending legislation and for all practical purposes the Republican controlled state legislators are ignoring him.  They know he will sign whatever they deliver.

Case in point is the passage of one of the most restrictive voting bills in the nation.  One provision eliminates programs to get high school students who will turn 18 into the voting process.  Mr. McCrory’s take on this . 

Gov. Pat McCrory
Clueless in Raleigh
Gov. McCrory - "I don't know
what I am signing - I don't read
the bills I just approve them"
North Carolina has never allowed voters to register online, though they can download a form and print it out. The GOP-backed elections bill tightens restrictions on registration, requiring voters to submit a paper form by mail or in person at least 25 days in advance of a primary or election.
McCrory was then asked specifically about the provision ending pre-registration by those under 18.

"I don't know enough, I'm sorry, I haven't seen that part of the bill," McCrory replied.

Remember those words everyone, “I don’t know enough, I’m sorry”.  The watch words of the Republican Governor of North Carolina.

Some readers have asked why this Forum no longer reports on events in Minnesota.  The reason is simple.  After having endured a Republican controlled legislature the voters of that state threw the bums out.  So now Minnesota operates in a relatively normal manner.  North Carolinians, having been sold a bill of goods will have that opportunity in the coming years.  If they retain Republicans in power they have no one to blame but themselves for the ridicule and decline that will be continually occur in a once great moderate southern state.

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