Friday, June 21, 2013

Republicans Want Illegal Immigrants to Confess to Their Horrible Criminal Activity Before Walking the Path to Citizenship

An Agenda of Humiliating Three Year Olds – Just What One Would Expect from the GOP

As immigration reform makes its painful way through the Senate towards its expected death in the House, Republicans who are willing to vote for some type of reform are making their views known.  Here is a brief snippet about a Texas Representative.

Within the past couple of weeks, Mr. Carter was laying out a far different point of view to his central Texas constituents. Six years after his debates with Mr. Rove, Mr. Carter is not only backing a broad reworking of immigration laws but helping to craft a bill and to guide it through the House.

Okay, that sounds good.  Oh wait a minutes,  there is this.

To honor the rule of law, Mr. Carter says, the House legislation would likely require illegal immigrants who want legal status to declare in court that they had broken the law. The bipartisan Senate bill doesn't include that provision.

Now a huge number of these people are either children, or were children when they were brought to this nation, and are hardly criminals.  One can imagine Republicans wanting a statement that is something like this

I am 7 years old.  When I was 3 I became a hardened, horrible criminal by entering the United States illegally.  Even though I had no choice in the manner, and had no idea of even what I was doing or that it was illegal, I am a horrible person, a law breaker, a criminal, one of the worse people to exist.  I can only hope that Republicans everywhere will forgive me, and that going forward I will try to be someone who supports cutting education spending, increasing pollution and fighting for lower taxes for wealthy people so that I can be a person Republicans will let stay in the country and cut their lawns or clean their houses.

Yep, that’s probably what they want alright.  Fortunately most Americans don't feel that way, but then when Americans actually focus on and know what Republicans want to do, most of them do not support the GOP

Details Make the Difference

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