Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just In – Senate Votes to Establish Border Patrol Officers Shoulder to Shoulder Along Entire U. S. Mexican Border - Armed with Assault Rifles and Backed by Tanks

Republican Reaction – Democrats Still Not Serious About Stopping Illegal Immigrants

News That Didn’t Happen – But  Could

Trying to appease the unappeasable opponents of immigration reform the Senate today passed an amendment to the immigration reform law that would place a border patrol officer along every single foot of the border between the U. S. and Mexico.  The bill would result in the hiring of several million new officers.

How the U. S./Mexican border would look under the Senate plan.

In addition to the new force, the officers would each be provided with two assault weapons, 100,000 rounds of ammunition each and a Sherman tank would be behind every sixth officer.  Officers would stand at the border 24/7 and be instructed to kill anyone with less than pure white skin who approached them from the Mexican side of the border.

Conservative Republicans reacted to the amendment by saying once again Democrats were not serious about controlling the border, and that the latest changes to security would not result in any reduction in illegal immigrants.  “If they were really serious about enforcing the law” said a Republican member of the “We Hate People With Hispanic Names” informal group in the Senate, “they would vote for adequate resources instead of pussy footing around like this.”

In the House Republicans who are in favor of dealing with the problem of illegal immigrants by ignoring them said that they would support the government buying the guns and ammunition to implement the policy, but that they would still not support immigration reform.  “The assault weapons and 100,000 rounds per person of ammunition should be given to the law abiding citizens who can exercise their 2nd Amendment rights by shooting anyone who will not produce their papers” said a Republican who declined to be indentified for she said were “obvious reasons”.

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