Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Embraces Obama Care Medicaid Expansion In Opposition with Republicans

And His Popularity . . .

By and large the voting public is not stupid.  Voters do get frustrated with Democrats, whose policies they generally support because Democrats are often ineffective and incompetent managers of government.  And Democratic legislators are usually just as corrupt as their Republican counterparts.  So many times voters will put Republicans in office as a desperate attempt to get at least a partly effective government.  North Carolina is a great example.  Republicans won big there because of poor Democratic candidates and governance.

In Florida the voters put an extremist, a divisive and a highly partisan Republican, Rick Scott in the Governor’s chair.  Mr. Scott immediately went on to alienate the voters to such an extent that former Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican turned Independent turned Democrats has been leading Mr. Scott in all the polls.  But Gov. Scott is seeing his popularity increase, at least a little bit.

Rick Scott is pictured. | AP Photo
Gov. Rick Scott of Florida - Embraces Medicaid Expansion and His Ratings Increase!

Also trending up, 43 percent of those surveyed approved of the job Scott was doing as governor, the highest number he’s gotten so far, and up 7 points since March.

Though only 35 percent responded that Scott should be reelected compared with 50 percent who said he shouldn’t be, those numbers have also improved for Scott over the last six months.

As for what could have caused this change, it seems the only explanation is that the Governor has tried to bring expanded Medicaid coverage to Florida residents.  He has championed this common sense, common decency policy over the strong objections of Republican lawmakers, Republican who of course have wonderful health insurance paid for by the state of Florida

So yes, all those critics of the health care reform legislation that think Americans will recoil at its implementation, meet recently re-elected President Obama and recently improving in popularity Gov. Rick Scott.

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