Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Conservatives Still Piling on Mitt Romney – Complaining He Did Not Appeal to Working Class Voters

Uh Guys, What Exactly Did You Expect From “Multi-home Milt”?

Apparently former Pennsylvania Senator and Professional Hater of Gays Rick Santorum is not going away, and is gearing up for another run for the Presidency in 2016.  This is the classic good news/bad news information.  Good news because Mr. Santorum is so outrageous that his entertainment value is incredibly high and bad news because, well, Mr. Santorum is just bad news. 

This time around apparently Mr. Santorum is going the working class appeals route, where he thinks he has credibility because his grandfather did real work for a living.  This ignores the fact that Mr. Santorum himself has spent almost all of his working life either employed by government in elected positions, or peddling influence and making enough money to send his children to elite private schools.  But politics does not require consistency.

Rick Santorum is pictured. | AP Photo
Santorum insisted that Republicans must talk to working-class people, not CEOs. | AP Photo

Hey Rick, How's that anti-gay, anti-gay marriage positioning going to work for you in 2016?

Mr. Santorum is concerned that Republicans did not feature working men and women at their convention.

The former Pennsylvania senator recalled all the business owners who spoke at the Republican National Convention.

“One after another, they talked about the business they had built. But not a single—not a single —factory worker went out there,” Santorum told a few hundred conservative activists at an “after-hours session” of the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington. “Not a single janitor, waitress or person who worked in that company! We didn’t care about them. You know what? They built that company too! And we should have had them on that stage.”

Well no Rick, see when you do not have any policies that benefit working people, and when the policies that you do have are harmful to working people, policies like cutting spending on education, taking away the exclusion of health care insurance benefits, fighting anti-discrimination measures in the workplace and the like, you are not going to get many working people to support you.  Really, the janitors of the world were not  excited about the fact that Mitt Romney needed a tax cut to build another house.

So it looks like we are going to have Rick around in 2016, and it looks like Rick is going to try and run away from his divisive and mean and hateful views on social issues.  Like we said, good news and bad news.

Oh, and here is hopefully the final word on the Romney candidacy from conservative pundit Jonah Goldberg.

Conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg said Romney did not run on ideas, but Hallmark slogans.

“He just seems fake, but that’s actually him,” said Goldberg. “Mitt Romney looks like the picture that came with the frame.”

Thanks Mr. Goldberg, since we could not have said it better ourselves we are happy to let you say it for us.

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