Monday, June 17, 2013

Information is Getting Less Expensive – And Government Sponsored Research Is Getting to be Priced Correctly

The Price for Taxpayer Access to Taxpayer Funded Research – Should be Zero

Another good thing is happening with the ability to share information.  The cost of sharing is going down.  And even more important, the cost of gaining access to research that is paid for by the public is getting closer to the price it should be, absolutely nothing.

If we paid for your research we own it,
not you or your institution.

Clear enough?
In February the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy told federal agencies to make similar plans. A week before that, a bill which would require free access to government-financed research after six months had begun to wend its way through Congress. The European Union is moving in the same direction. So are charities. 

Of course the real question here is why was there ever any charge for public access to research that wasfunded by the public?  

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