Sunday, June 2, 2013

European Doctors Will No Longer Treat Infections with Antibiotics – And Instead Will Prescribe Drugs That Destroy the Body’s Naturally Produced Anti-bodies

Imagining What Would Happen if Medicine in Europe Acted Like Economic Policy in Europe

An article in the Wall Street Journal documents how the Central Bank of Spain wants to cut working class wages, on the idea that this will cause more employment.  In economics this idea was totally and completely and utterly buried by Keynes over 70 years ago.  (More on this on another post.)  So essentially the Spanish monetary authorities want to go back to policy that is based on erroneous beliefs in the 1920’s and before.

This Forum wonders what the story might be if medicine in Europe did the same thing, that is, if it abandoned and reversed the progress that was made with the discovery of antibiotics in the 1930’s. 

Major Reversal in Medicine in Europe; Doctors
will No Longer Use Antibiotics and Instead will Presecribe
 Drugs that Kill the Body’s Antibodies

Madrid, June 2 (Reuters).  A consortium of European medical societies today announced that the policy of treating infections with antibiotics was not effective, despite the decade’s long success of such treatment.  “We have concluded that using antibiotics just spoils the body’s natural defenses, and causes the body to be weak and sniveling” said a prominent European medical researcher.  “We think we have a better way.”

The better way that will now be used in the entire European Union, except for Germany, is to totally cease the prescription of powerful antibiotics for patients that have infections that cannot be fought off naturally.  Instead the doctors will inject drugs that destroy the body’s naturally occurring antibodies, and severely limits the ability of the body to produce its own infection fighting antibodies. 

The rationale for such a policy was explained at a news conference in which several researchers said that they had noticed that when the body has an infection, the level of antibodies in the blood increases.  “Obviously the antibodies are causing the infections” said the head of the research group, “so if we can just destroy the antibodies the infections should go away and the patient will recover nicely.”

When asked how trials of the new treatment had gone, a second researcher admitted that “Almost every patient got worse and died” but the spokesperson for the group said they thought that was because the treatment had been too mild.  “We think that if we can kill every antibody in the blood when an infection is present, then the patient will quickly recover.  Our problem is that we have just not pursued the treatment with enough intensity.”

One of the most noted doctors in the field from the United States, Dr. Paulus Kragman asked if the researchers were aware of the fact that the reason high levels of antibodies were present during an infection was because the body produced them to fight the infection.  The research group replied that they were aware that some, if not all of the medical profession outside of Europe believed that, but that based on research that was conducted and published in the 1920’s they felt that science was debunked, and that they could use the authority of the 1920’s research to justify their new policy.

Funding for the research that led to the new policy was provided by The International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the European Central Bank.  All three groups have amended their health insurance policies to allow patients to travel outside of the European Union for treatment.

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