Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here is the Group of “Freedom Fighters” John McCain and the War Mongers in Syria Would Have Us Aid

Maybe “Freedom Fighters” is the Wrong Term, Maybe Murderous Religious Zealots is a Better Description

While there is deservedly great criticism that can be leveled at the Obama administration, one of the best things they have done is something they have not done.  Despite the call of war mongers who want the U. S. in get involved in every war on the globe, Mr. Obama has so far refrained from substantial intervention in Syria.

John McCain and others think that the rebels in Syria are freedom fighters, and some of them may actually be freedom fighters intent on bringing freedom and democracy to Syria.  But here is a better description of what the rebels Mr. McCain and others would have us aid are doing.

 At least 60 Shiite Muslim residents of a village in eastern Syria were killed in a reprisal raid by rebels, the government and opposition figures said Wednesday, the latest in a string of massacres underscoring the sectarian nature of the Syrian conflict.

And no this was not an act of battle, it was murder motivated by religion.

What was not in dispute was that several battalions of Sunni rebels, including members of extremist Islamist groups, stormed the village and, in video posted online by anti-government activists, could be seen setting houses on fire as they shouted sectarian slogans, calling Shiites dogs, apostates and infidels.

“This is your end, you dogs,” a man off camera said as he panned across what he said were the corpses of “pug-nosed” Shiites, including one with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

“We have raised the banner of ‘There Is No God but God’ over the houses of the rejectionist Shiite apostates,” one fighter chanted in another clip as a black cloud billowed above the village and jubilant gunmen brandished black flags often used by the extremist Al Nusra Front and other Islamist fighting groups.

Now if the United States and its allies could stop this and bring peace to Syria, then the U. S. has a strong moral imperative to do so.  Failure to stop massacres when one could is almost as great a crime as the massacre itself.  But the U. S. is powerless.  Arming these rebels would only increase their murderous rages and murderous activities.  So while it is an awful thing to do, the U. S. can do nothing but sit back and watch the horror in Syria play itself to its conclusion.  Anything else would be even more horrible.

And in case anyone doubts this, carefully read the words of those who would have this country intervene.  They are strong words in terms of the tragedy and that the U. S. should stop such a horrific war, but no where are there any recommendations about what we should actually do.  Sending U. S. forces into war is what these people always want, figuring out how to do it successfully, well that's something they always leave to others.

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