Monday, June 24, 2013

CNN Poll Shows a Majority of Americans Do Not Support Health Care Reform Law – But Conservatives Are Not Happy

Why – Because the Law Did Not Do Enough

The Republicans have made repeal of the health care reform law their number one priority.  We know this because despite the fact that the Senate will not even vote on repeal and despite the fact that the President would veto any repeal even if the Senate did vote to repeal, the Republican majority in the House continues to vote to repeal.

Now a new CNN poll should give Republicans some comfort, but it doesn’t.  The poll found that

43% of the public says it supports the health care law, a figure that's mostly unchanged in CNN polling since the measure was passed in 2010 by a Congress then controlled by Democrats and signed into law by President Barack Obama. Fifty-four percent of those questioned say they oppose the law, also relatively unchanged since 2010.

Wow, that sounds like a clear defeat for the President, except for this.

But a CNN/ORC International poll released Monday also indicates that more than a quarter of those who oppose the law, known by many as Obamacare, say they don't support the measure because it doesn't go far enough.. . .

The survey indicates that 35% oppose the health care law because it's too liberal, with 16% saying they oppose the measure because it isn't liberal enough.

So no, Americans are not on the side of Republicans on this issue.  And no, not exactly big news.  Once they know the facts and get past the spin most Americans are not on the side of Republicans on any issue.

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