Saturday, June 8, 2013

Former Democratic Senator and VP Nominee John Edwards to Open Law Firm in Raleigh

And Knocking Down Rumors of the Name

John Edwards, who cheated on his wife who ultimately died of cancer and was acquitted of using campaign funds to cover up the affair is reported to be ready to open up a law firm in Raleigh.

John Edwards leaves the federal courthouse in Greensboro on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. The defense wrapped up their case today in his campaign corruption trial. Edwards did not take the stand in his defense.
Shawn Rocco —

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 — Former Sen. John Edwards is looking to open up a new law firm in Raleigh in September, CNN is reporting.

Quoting an unnamed source, CNN said Edwards wants to resume practicing a practice specializing in plaintiff’s attorney. Edwards was a highly successful trial lawyer before he began his political career, winning a Senate seat in 1998.

The former Democratic vice presidential nominee has begun to show signs of becoming more active since he was acquitted a year ago on a charge of illegally using $1 million in campaign contributions to cover up his affair and child with Rielle Hunter, a campaign videographer.

Now this Forum is nothing if not fair, so we want to join the chorus of those who are trying to dispel the rumors that the name of the firm will be,

Pond Scum R’Us - Attorney At Law P. C.

No really, no truth to that story at all.  We regret any confusion or misinformation that may have been caused by the rumors.

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