Friday, June 7, 2013

Openly Gay Republican Carl DeMaio to Challenge Rep. Scott Peters in California – Why?

No, Not Why is He Running – That’s Not the Question

With the 2014 Congessional election well underway (the U. S. having entered a period of permanent campaigns) the announcement out of southern California that a former San Diego city council member will challenge an incumbent Democrat for a Congressional seat is hardly news.  But what is news is this.

Confused?  You won't be after
you meet E. W. Jackson
Carl DeMaio, a former city councilmember from San Diego will announce Thursday that he plans to challenge vulnerable freshman Rep. Scott Peters, a Democrat.
Republicans recruited DeMaio, who is openly gay, to run in the 52nd District. 

And the question here is not why is Mr. DeMaio running, he is a politician, running for office is what politaicians do.  The question is why is he a Republican.  Why is he a member of a political party that literally would like to put him in jail for being gay?  Mr. DeMaio, you need to meet the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, Mr. E. W. Jackson, a man whom Republicans say really represents their values.

Jackson on gays and lesbians:
·                                 Referred to gays and lesbians as “perverted,” “degenerate,” “spiritually darkened” and “frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally.”
·                                 Said regarding homosexuality: “it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies; it brings the judgment of God unlike very few things that we can think of.”

Yeah Mr. DeMaio, Mr. Jackson is the hero of the party you belong to, not you.  Republicans just want you as a usesful idiot in Congress, one who will vote the party way and then go away so they don't have to be with you, socialize with  you, or even acknowledge you exist.

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