Monday, February 25, 2013

White House Says If Sequestration Takes Place Air Travel Will Be Negatively Impacted

Really, How Is It Possible To Get Any Worse?

This Forum has not written on the looming cut in Federal spending known as Sequestration, because unlike everyone else, we have absolutely no idea of what will take place.  But we do see that the Administration is talking about how cuts in spending will impact air travel.  The news is neither good, nor believable.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood,

LaHood said the more than $600 million cut to the FAA would be a “meat ax” that would bring pain to Americans and have “a very serious impact on the transportation services that are critical to the traveling public.”

Really?  Mr. LaHood and the White House actually think they can make the flying experience worse.  The cannot.  In fact, it is well know that after resisting water boarding and other tortures, several accused terrorists confessed to everything and told all after being threatened with a trip that involved traveling coach on Delta and having to change planes in Atlanta.

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