Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What a Surprise – Opponents of Obama Health Care Law Reject Proposal to Exempt Religious Affiliated Organizations From Providing Family Planning Services

This is Political – Not Moral or Religious

President Obama and the majority of Americans believe that women’s health care needs requires that they have access to reproduction care.  But there is a small minority that objects, they think that they should be telling women what they can do and what they cannot do.  So when the new health care act was enacted these so-called religious leaders immediately cited freedom of religion for the reason that they should not obey the law and should be allowed to force their beliefs on others.

The President and his administration has tried to compromise.  But now some of his opponents will not be satisfied.

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops on Thursday rejected the latest White House proposal on health insurance coverage of contraceptives, saying it did not provide sufficient safeguards for religious hospitals, colleges and charities that objected to such coverage.

No one should be surprised here.  There is no pleasing these religious groups without using government to impose their religious beliefs on others.  That is really what it is all about.

So the issue will be settled in court, probably the Supreme Court, where the conservatives Justices will attempt to violate the Freedom of Religion concept and rule that yes, government can enforce a religion on those who do not believe in that particular religion.  Just another reason why Conservative are not conservative.

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