Friday, February 22, 2013

Egads, Even One of the Meanest of the Republican Governors, Florida’s Rick Scott, Will Now Allow Medicaid Expansion in the State

Incredible That There Are Now Republicans Even Nastier Than Gov. Scott.

The Medicaid expansion in the new health care law is a no brainer.  The Feds will pick up 100% of the cost for at least three years, and 90% thereafter.  The money will go into the health care system to defray costs and low income people will get health insurance.  But because Republicans hate Mr. Obama, who sponsored the legislation and because they hate poor people, many are opposed to the expansion.

Now in Florida Gov. Rick Scott has apparently reversed himself and is willing to take on the Medicaid expansion. 

Mr. Scott said on Wednesday that he now supported a three-year expansion of Medicaid — through the period that the federal government has agreed to pay the full cost of the expansion, and before some of the costs are shifted to the states.

“While the federal government is committed to paying 100 percent of the cost, I cannot in good conscience deny Floridians that needed access to healthcare,'’ Mr. Scott said at a news conference. “We will support a three-year expansion of the Medicaid program under the new health care law as long as the federal government meets their commitment to pay 100 percent of the cost during that time.”

While everyone would like to applaud Gov. Scott for coming to his senses, it is more likely politics rather than compassion and economic good sense that caused the change.  Gov. Scott faces a tough re-election campaign, as many Floridians found out they were fooled in the election that brought him to power.  So most likely the Governor wanted to remove an obstacle to his re-election, and might certainly withdraw his support for the expansion if he is re-elected.

Also, Gov. Scott may have been lobbied by the health care industry.  Their argument is that taxpayers are already paying for health care for the uninsured, but in a very ineffective and inefficient manner, so why not do it the right way.  Amazingly, Gov. Scott may even be smart enough to see the truth in that logic.

So for now this Forum will salute Gov. Scott, he is doing the right thing even if it is for the wrong reasons.  And everyone prefers the right thing for the wrong reasons over the wrong thing for the right reasons. [Editor’s note:  That last sentence doesn’t any make sense.]

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