Saturday, February 2, 2013

From Rush Limbaugh, via David Frum – Why Republicans Have an Uphill Road Winning the Hispanic Vote

Uh GOP, You Really Need to Stop This - We're Talking for Your Own Good Here

The recent election has taught Republicans that their messages on immigration and the Hispanic community has to change.  Well, that is it has taught some Republicans.  From David Frum we have this concerning Rush Limbaugh’s opinion on the subject.

During Rush Limbaugh's radio program on Wednesday, he made one of his infamous and rambunctious rants, this time saying that within the hispanic community, Mexican workers were somehow lazier than their Cuban counterparts.
"[T]he way the Republicans are looking at it is that they think that Hispanic immigrants are made-to-order conservatives. For some reason, culturally, they think that they're invested in hard work. And using the Cuban exile model, they're exactly right. But the Hispanic demographic, if you will, or population, has shifted. And the Cuban exile model is no longer the dominant model. The Mexican immigrant model is. And that -- they arrive with an entirely different view of America. And I'm sorry if this is offensive, but it's true."
And we are pleased to report that here is a case where everyone can agree Rush is partly right, that is the part where he says “this is offensive”.  Right on Rush.  As for the ‘true’ part, well not only is it not, but is there anything lazier than a person making a living by sitting in a chair three hours a day spouting nonsense?

And the next time you pass by a construction site take a close look and see if you can tell who is working the hardest.  Here's a clue, it's not an overweight bloviator.  

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