Saturday, February 16, 2013

North Carolina Republicans About to Keep 500,000 People From Having Health Care Insurance Paid For by the Federal Government

Why?  - Because They Can

After a ruling by Chief Justice John Roberts that states can opt out of the Medicaid expansion provisions in the health care reform law, North Carolina is now poised to do just that.

A Republican measure to prevent major components of the federal health care law from taking effect in North Carolina will almost certainly be approved after Gov. Pat McCrory endorsed the effort Tuesday.
The new governor had been a wild card after he expressed caution about the fiscal implications of the legislation and declined for weeks to take a position on the broader bill, which would prevent the expansion of Medicaid in 2014 to roughly 500,000 people and prohibit the state from creating an online exchange for private health insurance.
Hours after McCrory’s announcement, the measure won easy approval in a House committee, where Republicans voiced concern about the cost of offering Medicaid coverage to more North Carolinians and outnumbered Democrats who called the bill an “attack on the poor.” The full House will consider the legislation Wednesday, and it could land on the governor’s desk next week.

Chandra Brown works two jobs but is still unable to afford health insurance. Brown is a diabetic and requires regular doctor visits.

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And how many of the legislators that voted to deny health care insurance to low income people have access health care insurance provided by the government of the state of North Carolina?  100%.  And what about the Governor?  Well  he was Mayor of Charlotte for many years.  So how long has he had access to health care insurance provided by government?  Many years.

And what about Chief Justice John Roberts, who has long been a Federal judge, how does he get health care insurance?  That’s right class, full health care insurance provided  by the Federal government. 

But hey, if low income people want health insurance they should be a state legislator or Federal judge.  Yeah, that’s the solution.

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