Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Memo To Radical Conservatives – Don’t Think You Have Lost the Marriage Equality Issue?

Think Again

As has been noted before on this Forum, Jennifer Rubin is the Mitt Romney representative to the Washington Post, a front for the Romney campaign masquerading as a Commentator.  Now that Mr. Romney has returned to his roots (corporate boards) Ms. Rubin is searching for a way to remain relevant. 

So it is interesting that a strident and vicious Conservative like Ms. Rubin has this to say about the opposition to bigotry towards the gay and lesbian community.

The growing support for gay marriage

·             Posted by Jennifer Rubin on February 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Some social conservatives bristle when I say the gay marriage issue has been “lost.” But if polling and a series of state referendums don’t convince them of this, maybe the people who appear in this ad from Respect for Marriage Coalition (launched nationally today) will signal that there has been a sea change on the issue:


So why is this news?  Well those endorsing equality are former Vice President Dick Cheney and former First Lady Laura Bush.

It must pain the left to see Laura Bush and Dick Cheney carrying the banner of marriage equality. It sort of messes up its narrative of the evil Bushies. But it should be pleased that this cause has such robust, bipartisan support.

So which is a bigger threat to traditional marriage — the people of Maryland voting for gay marriage or Mark Sanford declaring that his public deception and destruction of his family shouldn’t disqualify him from public office? Just asking.

And no Ms. Rubin, we don’t think the endorsement of Mr. Cheney and Mrs. Bush will pain anyone except those still holding the prejudicial view against decent and honorable people.  The good new, those holding those views are going to have a lot more pain in the future.

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  1. Sure, Ms. Rubin. Dick Cheney supporting marriage equality messes up the narrative of him being evil. Whatever you say.

    Also interesting that Ms. Rubin claims that "the left" includes Laura Bush in "its narrative of the evil Bushies" right after Ms. Rubin launched an attack on Ms. Obama. Seems like a bit of deflection is going on.