Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Think the Crazies Haven’t Taken Over the Country – In South Carolina They Are Raffling Off a Handgun to Support High School Students

No, They Just Couldn’t Get an Assault Rifle

Everybody really feels good when a community rallies around the local high school.  So in South Carolina (too small to be a country, too large to be an insane asylum) everyone has to feel wonderful that a local booster club is raffling off a Sig Sauer to raise money.

7 On Your Side Found out the Blacksburg High Athlete Booster Club, which started up this school year, is selling raffle the tickets. The winner gets a Sig Sauer 938.

High School Booster Club Set To Raffle Off Gun

Now the really amazing part of this story is that some people actually objected to this.

The Cherokee County School District is up in arms after learning about a hand gun raffle taking place in Blacksburg.

"I was unaware of this and we are going to be investigating and find out what we can about the raffle," said Craig Bramlett, Blacksburg High School Principal.

And yes, in consideration of the Newtown shootings the booster club did decline to raffle off an automatic weapon.

We asked Tessner if he considered the recent Newtown school shooting when deciding to raffle off a gun.

"Yes, that's the reason why I didn't do an assault rifle or anything like that," said Tessner. "I thought with everybody that's taking concealed weapons permit classes and all... women, men or whatever... we could do it that way. I didn't think it would offend that many people."

Wow, what a nice considerate man.  We hope he wins.

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