Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Pro-Life Position The Pro Abortion Rights and Everyone Else Agrees With

Free to Choose Means Free to Choose.  Period

A Texas abortion rights issue has been publicized in which a 16 year old girl was allegedly being forced to get an abortion by her parents.

The 16-year-old girl, identified in the lawsuit as “R.E.K.,” said that after she revealed she was pregnant, her mother threatened to "slip [the teen] an abortion pill," took her phone and car and kept her home from school to punish her for refusing to have an abortion.

According to the lawsuit, the woman told her daughter that she was "making the biggest mistake of her life" by choosing to have the child and that she herself had undergone numerous abortions.

The girl's parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother.
The girl’s father, according to the lawsuit, told her he "was going to look into canceling" her health insurance and sent her a text saying she "needs an ass whoopin'.”

Both parents allegedly told the girl, now 10 weeks pregnant, that she could "continue to live in misery" in their home or "have the abortion and tell everyone it was a miscarriage," according to the lawsuit.

A Texas anti-abortion rights took up the case, and it has been settled with the young lady having her full rights restored, including the right to carry her baby to term and to have it and raise it.  Two interesting points come out of this.

This is a tremendous victory and another life has been saved,” said Greg Terra, an attorney and president of the Austin-based Texas Center for the Defense of Life in a statement. “Our victory today stands for the principle that ‘choice’ goes both ways.

Yes, anti-abortion rights group, choice does go both ways.  Glad to see you coming on board the concept that it is women who get to choose, not their parents, not interested parties and not the government. 

Oh, and the second point.  If what has been alleged about the parents is true, than science must be re-written. Neanderthals truly do walk amongst us.

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  1. Astonishingly, some Republicans are actually reaching the right conclusions for the right reasons.