Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich Illustrates All That is Wrong with Conservatives in Any Debate

They Claim that God is On Their Side – That They Are Holier Than Thou – That Opposition is Immoral

Compromise on legislation and in debate has been the reason that the United States has been a great democracy.  But to compromise one must be willing to accept that one’s beliefs may not be the correct ones, or that it is possible that other beliefs are superior.  If one believes that his or her position is ordained by heaven, that it is absolutely morally correct and that the other side is immoral then no compromise is possible.  And society factures.

Such is the case with modern Conservatives.  Their positions are founded on faith, not logic and data.  And positions based on faith cannot be challenged by the opposition or compromised by their supporters.  That such is the case is illustrated by comments of Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich on a state issue.

Gov. John Kasich said this morning that those suing him over JobsOhio “are going to have to answer to a much higher power than me” for their legal challenges against his privatized development agency. 

Kasich blasted the liberal policy group and two Democratic lawmakers who originally sued over JobsOhio in April, 2011 and are still seeking answers from the courts, calling them “nihilists” whose lawsuit “is about wrecking Ohio’s economy and destroying people’s jobs.” 

But Kasich, an openly religious man who often cites his faith as a reason for pursuing such initiatives as funding for the poor and job creation, said of his JobsOhio detractors: “These are people who are going to have to answer to a much higher power than
me about why they have appealed and appealed and appealed.”

Now we have no idea what the issue is here, but it sounds like one over public policy with respect to employment.  And while we have no idea who is right, the fact that the Governor must support his position on a religious basis is a pretty strong indication that the policy he wants to implement is devoid of substance.

The target of Governor Kasich’s comments had the right response.

Brian Rothenberg, executive director for ProgressOhio, one of the plaintiffs in the JobsOhio suit, said: “As far as invoking God, I don’t believe that the good Lord is taking sides in John Kasich’s attempt to spend $1.5 billion. 

“I’m just as religious as he is, and I believe the good Lord is neutral as to who is right in this instance,” Rothenberg said. 

Sorry Brian, Conservatives cannot conceive of a situation where God is not on their side, and maybe that’s okay, since data, logic, analysis and common sense is often not.  Maybe God feels sorry for them.

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