Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mitt’s Son Tagg Romney is Apparently Considering Running for the Senate

The Romney Family – The Political Gift That Keeps On Giving

[Editor's note:  Tagg Romney has since made a statement declining to run.  Reports that he said "I am not running for Senate, I am a Romney, I am a very wealthy financial manager and I am entitled to run for a higher office, like Ruler of the World or Emperor.  That way I can get rid of the 47% of the people who think they are entitled" have not been confirmed)

This Forum has roundly condemned potential Democratic Senate candidates who are not qualified and who are taken seriously only because of their fame or family.  For example Ted Kennedy’s son is not qualified to run for the Senate, nor is his widow.  And Actors Ashley Judd and Ben Affleck are to be roundly criticized were they to enter a Senate race for the Democrats (Affleck to his credit has already said no).

Tagg Romney is shown. |AP Photo
Stop Smiling Tagg, We Are Laughing At You Not With You

So The Dismal Political Economist has mixed feeling on the news that Mitt Romney’s son Tagg is considering making a run for the Republican nomination to fill the vacant Senate seat of the new Secretary of State John Kerry.

Tagg Romney, son of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is considering a Senate run in Massachusetts’s upcoming special election, according to the Boston Herald.

The Herald reported Monday that Romney was considering a bid to replace John Kerry in the seat that opened up after Kerry became Secretary of State. The Herald would not identify the source of its information.

Now everybody agrees that Tagg is no more qualified to be a U. S. Senator than Lance Armstrong is qualified to be a spokesman for A Drug Free America.  But having Tagg in the race would be of such great entertainment value that it is hard for this Forum to entirely condemn his effort.

So in a mixed message we all say to Tagg, “No, you are not qualified to run just because your father is a one time Governor and two time failed Presidential candidate, but if you do, thanks for the memories to come.”

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