Sunday, November 12, 2017

Wonder Why NFL Players Are Protesting Violence Against African Americans? Teacher Threatens Student in Georgia

What would happen if a black teacher was recorded telling a white student that he should be shot in the head, and that the teacher might be the one to do it? Conservatives would scream for weeks. But this did happen in Georgia, 

In the video, Paul Hagan, a physics teacher at the Rockdale Career Academy in Conyers, Ga., can be heard addressing a student who is just out of frame. “Don’t smile at me, man, O.K.?” the teacher can be heard saying in the 26-second clip. 

“That’s how people like you get shot.”

I got a bet,” he continued. “I bet by the time you’re 21, someone’s going to put a bullet right through your head, O.K.? And it might be me, the one that does it.”

Wow, the outrage must be hug, eexcept the race roles were reversed.. Yes, wait a minute, it was an African American who was the victim, who was the target and the teacher was white.. Never mind says Fox News, never mind.

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