Monday, November 13, 2017

Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post - Post: Bring It On!

Don't Worry WaPo - He Won't Sue

The many political cowards that inhabit politics, starting with Donnie, always threaten to sue when the news reports accurately their faults and transgressions.  Remember that Donnie was going to sue all the women who accused him of improper behavior.  Remember he was not going to settle the Trump University suits against him because he doesn't settle when he is right.  Of course no suits have materialized against any women, and the suits against him on Trump University were quietly settled with a large payment by Trumpie.

And now Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is saying he will sue the Washington Post for reporting that he molested a teenage girl.

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama sought to refocus his campaign on the conservative religious ideals most likely to motivate his base voters, dismissing the national firestorm over allegations that he pursued teenage girls when he was in his 30s.
Addressing a gathering at the Huntsville Christian Academy in Huntsville, Ala., on Sunday night, the former judge suggested that he was investigating his accusers, threatened to sue The Washington Post and called on the United States to restore its culture by going “back to God.”

Well, not to worry newspapers. See when you sue you have to be deposed under oath. And Trumpie and Moore cannot withstand cross examination under oath. So nothing will happen here,although it it does the WaPo will be ecstatic.

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