Thursday, November 16, 2017

Once Again David Brooke of the NYT is Exposed as a Fool and an Idiot

An Embarrassment to Himself and Others

This forum has long commented on the lack of even basic logic and common sense in the columns of David Brooks. The man is truly an idiot in a Brooks Brothers suit. The latest evidence, his column trying to explain the alienation of the extreme religious right and their tolerance for moral failure in politicians they support.

Here is what he said near the end of his column.

Suppose America’s leaders had gone to conservative evangelicals a decade ago and said: Look, we understand that changing attitudes about gay marriage put you in a tough position. We’re not going to stop doing what we think is right, but we’re going to try to work out some accommodation with you on religious liberty so you can feel at home here and practice your faith.

How in the world has legalization of same sex marriage in any way impeded anyone's ability to practice their faith? If a person believes same sex marriage is immoral, then they don't have to marry a person of the same sex. The problem here is that these people want to practice their faith by imposing their faith on people who do not believe in that particular faith.

The nation understands this, why can't this simple truth get through the thick skull of David Brooks.  

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