Friday, November 10, 2017

Are the Democrats Destroying Themselves?

Looks Like They Are Trying To

This should be great times for the Democratic party. The Republican President is not just unpopular, but is despised for his policies and her personal style. The nation is opposed to the policies that Republicans are pushing on America.  In Virginia the Democrats did very well.

But Dems lost every special election for Congress in the past six months. They have no national spokesperson. And now it turns out the DNC is becoming dis-functional.

The Democratic National Committee is reeling, facing a turnaround that's proving a much bigger lift than anyone expected as it struggles to raise enough money to cover its basic promises.

Many donors are refusing to write checks. And on-the-ground operatives worry they won’t have the resources to build the infrastructure they need to compete effectively in next year’s midterms and in the run-up to 2020.

Here in the halls of the Bally's hotel and casino for the DNC's fall meeting through the weekend, state committee chairs and operatives echoed a now-common concern among donors and strategists: the DNC's recovery is still a ways away, and that could have serious repercussions for the party in the coming years.

The head of the DNC has become invisible. The party has no national face except for people who should have retired long ago. Dems cannot win by just being against Trump. They have to have some substance. Even more, they have to know that they have to have some substance. At this point they don't know that.

The great risk to the party and the nation is that the Democrats will think that their win in Virginia means they only have to be 'not Trump' to win.  That won't do it folks.

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