Friday, November 3, 2017

Democratic Party Self Destruction Continues – Party Seems Determined to Elect Republicans

Charges Primary Elections Were Rigged Defied by Voting

As the Democratic party continues to have no leadership, no ideas, no spokesfolks and no policy prescriptions it now faces huge reaction from people about former DNC leader Donna Brazile that somehow the Clinton campaign rigged the nomination process.

Many Democrats expressed outrage Thursday at allegations from a former party chairwoman that an agreement with the Democratic National Committee gave the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton some day-to-day control over the party early in the 2016 campaign.
Donna Brazile, a former interim chairwoman of the party, says in a forthcoming book that an August 2015 agreement gave the Clinton campaign a measure of direct influence over the party’s finances and strategy, along with a say over staff decisions and consultation rights over issues like mailings, budgets and analytics.
 The control was given in exchange for a joint fundraising pledge by the Clinton campaign that helped fund the DNC through the election year, Brazile says.

Of course, the charges fly in the face that Hilary Clinton won most of the votes, most of the primaries and was the clear favorite of the Democratic base. As for Ms. Brazile, nobody seems to remember that she was accused of, and kind of admitted giving Clinton aid and comfort on debate questions. And let's remember that Bernie Sanders, the whining sore loser was not even a formal Democrat, and may not even run for re-election as an Independent.

Politics is rough, and no one suggests that the Clinton's play nice, but the idea that somehow the nomination should have gone to a Socialist Bernie Sanders is so at odds to reality that it begs the question of how seemingly intelligent people could entertain such an idea. Sanders's main successes were in caucuses, the least democratic of the processes that produce nominees.

It is said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace and a settlement in the Mideast. Democrats never miss an opportunity to blow an easy win against unpopular Republicans.

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