Sunday, November 5, 2017

Coal Industry – Loved by Small Government Conservatives – Wants Government Subsidies

Yes, Taxpayer Money to Produce Pollution

One concept that unites conservatives is that the market is supreme, let it work and no government is needed. End government support and subsidies for health care, for example, and the market forces will produce universal coverage and lower prices. That's what they were voting for in ACA repeal.

But when the area is one they support their principles go flying out the window. Conservatives support coal, which is no longer financially viable for powering power plants. But wait, it could be competitive if only the government would intervene in the market.

"What we have now is a public policy challenge, or call it a political challenge if you will, in that next phase which is to deploy this technology more widely and bring the cost down, (which) requires a whole new set of policies that go beyond R&D to actual deployment incentives," said Brad Crabtree, vice president for fossil fuels at the Great Plains Institute.

Okay, what does that really mean? Oh, this.

In Congress, bills that now have 64 bipartisan sponsors would raise carbon-capture tax credits from $10 or $20 per metric ton depending on use to $35 or $50. Advocates want it added to the current tax overhaul proposal.
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a West Virginia Republican and co-sponsor, said carbon capture would help protect the coal industry and expand oil production as well as reduce emissions. As for chances of passage, she said Thursday that it's "too early in the process to know whether those priorities can advance together or separately."

Sure, tax credits to produce environmentally destructive coal. Tax credits to support health care for low income families, why that would be Communism.

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