Monday, November 27, 2017

If There Tax Cut is So Great Why Do Republicans Have to Lie About It?

Maybe Because It Isn't So Great'

Whenever Republicans speak publicly about their massive tax cut for large corporations and for the wealthy they just flat out lie. For example

  1. They say this is a middle class tax cut; independent analysis says taxes will increase for millions of middle income Americans.

  1. They say this will not help the wealthy, yet only the very, very wealthy will benefit from the Estate Tax repeal.

  1. They say corporations will pass on their tax cuts to employees in higher wages. Who believes that?  When has that ever happened?

  1. They tout the doubling of the standard deduction, not mentioning that most of the benefit will be offset by the elimination of personal exemptions.

  1. They say tax rates will go down because high marginal rates discourage working. The lowest rate goes up  by 20 percent.

  1. They say there will be more foreign investment in America. Going to a territorial corporate tax regime will encourage American companies to invest abroad.

  1. People like Lindsey Graham say the economy needs a tax cut. The unemployment rate is at the lowest its been in over a decade.  The economy meeded fiscal stimulus in 2009 when all Republicans worked against it.

Etc,etc. Etc.

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