Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Texas Sen. John Cronyn Wants Mitch McConnell's Job

And Other Revelations on the News

  1. In what should not have been a surprise, the 2nd in command in the Senate, Rep. John Cronyn endorsed the candidacy of disgraced former Alabama judge Roy Moore. He did this despite a reputation for having at least some respect for the law. Moore has been twice removed from the bench for cause, and one time the cause was violating the Constitution. Cronyn wants to be the go-to guy if enough Senators ditch McConnell, so he needs to be on Steve Bannon's best side to do that.

  1. With its obnoxious commercials and obnoxious spokesperson those who write on this Forum will never ever use Trivago to book travel. Could those people be any more offensive?

  1. Politico says Kushner will take a diminished role during Trumpie trip to China. Really, how is it possible for this pretender to take even more of a diminished role than he does now, in any area?

  1. Fox News has not offered Mark Halperin a $25 million contract, though lord knows they want to.

  1. The people of Puerto Rico are just cursed with bad government that will make their lives worse by wasting money to rebuild the grid by contracting with a firm totally unqualified to do the work. Anyone who believes no Trumpie officials were involved needs to start paying attention and wake up from the dead.

  1. The Republican deficit hawks who decided to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit to finance tax cuts for big corporations and wealthy donors say deficits don't matter, unless they are used to finance benefits to low and middle income families.

  1. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says she would not take the Secretary of State job if (when really) the current Secretary quits. Ms. Haley did not say that she needs to learn more about foreign countries, like where they are, before she is qualified. Trump spokespersons did not say that they think she will change her mind as qualifications are just not on their radar screen for filling key positions.

  1. Information that the Clinton campaign paid for opposition research on Trump's personal issues just shows how inept that campaign was. Trump's personal failing were more than adequately documented in the press, and the Clinton campaign needed to promote reasons to vote for Hilary, not reasons not to vote for Donnie. Donnie himself provided all the reasons not to vote for him.

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