Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ways the Republican Tax Bill Could Be Even Worse and

Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. The House and Senate will have to merge their tax bills. Here are just some of the things that would make it worse than it already is.


  1. Republicans claim their tax cut will reduce the deficit, but there is no independent analysis to support this. Economics for the GOP is faith based, not reality based. This comment from a Bush era Treasury official tells it all.

Phillip Swagel, who served as the U.S. Treasury’s top economist from 2006 until 2009 in the George W. Bush administration, said it was“just implausible” that the Trump administration has an analysis that concludes tax cuts will pay for themselves.

  1. Alabama religious leaders showed their true colors in supporting Roy Moore. Many said while they had not talked with Jesus they were certain that were Jesus voting he would support Moore against any Democratic candidate since it was well know that Democrats were the spawn of Satan. The leaders supported that charge by citing a version of the Bible they expected Jerry Falwell Jr. to publish next year.

  1. Anyone who thought Al Franken was funny should now realize how wrong they were.

  1. Anyone else notice that America's number one moralist,  I-Know-Better-Than-You VP Pence has been pretty silent on Roy Moore.

  1. Don't believe polls that show Moore losing; In Alabama nothing is more scared than the Republican brand, not even the right of young girls to be free of sexual assault.

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