Thursday, November 23, 2017

Republican Hypocrisy is Big and Small – See Asheville NC for Small

These People Have No Soul

One of the admirable principles of Republican policy gurus and stalwarts is the supremacy of local control. Conservatives hate central government and believe political power should be devolved to local levels. But it turns out this is only when they are getting their way. In Asheville North Carolina the state GOP wants the city to select city council members by district as opposed to at large. The citizens of that city feel differently and voted overwhelmingly to keep at large representation.

Unfortunately, the city council doesn’t seem to understand what most ordinary citizens do — that following the law isn’t optional," State Sen. Chuck Edwards said in a press release. "For months, they have blatantly ignored the law, then organized and helped defeat a referendum in an attempt to preserve the status quo system from which they personally benefit."
Edwards also contends the city ignored their own poll showing "a clear majority of respondents agree single-member districts are a good way to ensure differing political views in Asheville have equal representation on city council.

Gosh, the voters spoke, about 75 to 25 against districts. But Republicans only like votes when they go their way, don't they.

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