Monday, December 18, 2017

Trump Transition Team Scared to Death of Mueller Investigation

Complains Investigation Should Not Have Their e-mails

The people investigating how Trumpie and friends colluded with the Russians have obtained the e-mails from people who worked on the transition team. The team is crying foul. It seems they claim the Special Counsel should not have them, which of course implies that they have much to hide.

An organization that was part of President Trump’s transition team claimed Saturday that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III improperly obtained a trove of transition emails as part of the inquiry into Russian influence in the 2016 election and other matters.
The batch of emails totaling thousands of pages of communications was improperly provided to Mueller by the federal General Services Administration, the organization claimed in a letter delivered to congressional investigators.

Now innocent people would be happy to give a prosecutor everything. That way they would be exonerated. A guilty party, well they would be acting just like Trump and his cronies. Like this.

Transition documents are private property, not government records, the organization contends. The letter invokes federal law and decades of precedent to argue that Mueller overstepped.
The transfer of transition documents is “unlawful conduct that undermines the Presidential Transition Act of 1963,” the letter said, “and will impair the ability of future presidential transition teams to candidly discuss policy and internal matters that benefit the country as a whole.”

What are they hiding? And how can there be tens of thousands of e-mails? Were these people doing nothing but writing e-mails?

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