Tuesday, December 12, 2017

From Politico: Bernie makes moves pointing to 2020 run

No, Please No

Let's see. The nation is yearning for young, energetic center left Democrat to restore the Presidency to decency, honor and a place where the people who need help the most can get it. So what's the plan? It's this.

Bernie Sanders is taking steps to address longstanding political shortcomings that were exposed in 2016, ahead of another possible presidential bid in 2020.
From forging closer ties to the labor movement to shoring up his once-flimsy foreign policy credentials, the moves have provided the senator inroads into party power structures that largely shunned him in favor of Hillary Clinton last year. They've also empowered the progressive icon to harness his newfound political power and help Democrats fight President Donald Trump's administration.

The man is not even a Democrat. He is a self named Socialist. He is old and thin skinned and thinks he's entitled. Like Hilary, he may be the one person who can lose to Donald Trump.   

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