Monday, December 25, 2017

The Dangerous Idiot That Will Now Set Coal Energy Policy

Just When You Thought There Were No More Crazies to Join the Administration This Cretan Comes Around

It is not hard to criticize Trump appointments when the individuals are condemned by their own words.

Such is the case with the person selected to manage coal mining policy. Here is just a little bit of his ridiculous resume.

The man President Trump picked to regulate coal believes that mining is simply "accelerated erosion."

Kentucky mining engineer Steven Gardner also believes mountaintop mining is good because it creates flat land. He questions humans' role in climate change and has said there is "no such thing as renewable energy."

And he's set to lead an agency that parted ways with him after his analysis found a stricter coal regulation would cost thousands of mining jobs.

Gardner, who runs Lexington-based consulting firm ECSI LLC, has long sought to fight what he calls "myths" about coal.

"People who work in coal are unfairly profiled as polluters, although they provide resources modern society demands," Gardner wrote in a 2015 Lexington Herald-Leader op-ed.

We invite any doubters to visit the coal country in West Virginia and Kentucky. See how wonderful the flattened mountains are. Just try not to be sick. Then go look at your solar panels and windmills and wonder how a person who says there is no such thing as renewable energy can be anything other than the person who walks behind the elephants at the circus with a broom and a crap collector.


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