Tuesday, December 19, 2017

God Told Roy Moore “Go Man, Go”

Snarky Comments on the News

  1. It has been reported that Judge Roy Moor in Alabama ran for the U. S. Senate because God told him to Go. It turns out that what God meant was for Roy Moore to go away, leave, exit, withdraw, whatever. God, it seems, is embarrassed by Roy and just wanted him to no longer take God's name in vain, the in vain part being God wanted no part of what Roy was spouting.

  1. To the surprise of no one Florida Senator Marco Rubio will vote for the tax giveaway. One of the most nakedly ambitious men in politics Rubio was never going to throw away his career to give low income families a few hundred dollars in a tax break. All he cares about is what looks good on his resume. (real news sneaks in).

  1. It has been reported that in addition to attempting to get zero votes from African Americans the Trump now wants to get zero women votes in the next election. “We want only white men to vote for us” a Trump spokesperson did not say.

  1. Trump will have no benefit from the tax bill as long as one does not count the hundred of millions he will get as a benefit.

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