Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bret Stepehens Shows the NYT Readers His True Conservative Colors

Pro Corproation – Pro Rich – Anti-People

The NYT tries and fails to find thoughtful conservatives for their Op-Ed pages but they just cannot. Probably because modern conservatism has no one thoughtful. The latest Times effort, former WSJ opinion writer and full time climate denier Bret Stephens.

Stephens writes about the fact that while Dems are wrong to go against the great tax bill, he admits there are some things wrong with it. Here they are, in idiot terms everyone can understand.

There are things genuinely to dislike in the tax bill. It raises taxes on too many people. It barely cuts the top income-tax rate. It doesn’t eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax.

And this

But here are two things to know: Slashing corporate rates — the bill’s central achievement — is good economics. And wailing against the bill as an American Armageddon is dumb politics, at least for Democrats. . . .

Maybe the current bill cuts the rate too far — or, as I think, doesn’t cut it far enough.

Yes, Dems are dumb to campaign against the bill. Really. If it's so popular and good why do conservative billionaires, the ones who will really benefit have to spend millions to promote it. Selling tax cuts ought to be like selling air conditioning in Phoenix.

Stephens is a political idiot, or maybe he thinks he can convince Dems to support even lower taxes for corporations and the ultra wealthy. Sorry Bret, they and we are not that stupid.

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