Monday, December 4, 2017

Dems Flame Out Even Worse on Face the Nation Than on Meet the Press

A Party That Does Not Deserve to Govern

Senator Diane Feinstein (D, Ca) is in her mid 80's. But instead of lving the dream retirement (she is rich) she is instead giving incoherent answers on Meet the Press. After moderator Chuck Todd tried to grill Senator Susan Collins(R, Me) on her turnaround on deficits (she believes tax cuts will reduce the national debt) Senator Feinstein was on. Befuddlement is the best that can be said about her answers.

But at least a Democrat made it out of bed and onto a Sunday talk show. On Face the Nation the guests were Senate Republican Majority Leader McConnell and a bunch of other Trumpie flunkies. The only opposition person to show up was an Independent, Senator Angus King from Maine. The Dems could not even be bother to state their policies. Of course this is probably because they have no policies other than wanted to remain the minority party so they can just coast along.

Finally on ABC Mitch was given loads of time to peddle flat out lies.  Chuck Schumer, the Dem leader, well don't know where he was, maybe havng breakfast with some of his Wall Street constituents.  The U.S. political system is described as a two party one, that would be nice if it were so.

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