Sunday, December 17, 2017

Pettiness Continues in the White House - This Time Over a Hanukkah Celebration

Not Unexpected in a Mean and Vicious President

Religious celebrations have often been an opportunity in politics to bridge the bitterness of disagreement among elected officials. But the Trumpies see it as an opportunity to fan the partisan wars and just plain insult their enemies.

WASHINGTON — The latkes were fried and the kosher lamb chops were prepared on Thursday, just as in past years, for the first White House Hanukkah party of the Trump era. But there was one prominent break with tradition: President Trump did not invite Democratic lawmakers.
Mr. Trump, who prizes loyalty and seldom forgets a slight, left Democratic members of Congress off his Hanukkah list this year, according to congressional aides tracking the invites. He also did not invite Reform Jewish leaders who have been critical of him or progressive Jewish activists who have differed with him publicly on policy issues.

The move injected a partisan tinge into a normally bipartisan celebration at the White House, where on Thursday Mr. Trump spoke to a crowd standing amid Christmas trees.

I know for a fact there are a lot of happy people in this room,” Mr. Trump said to raucous whoops and applause, adding simply, “Jerusalem.”

He wished those assembled a Happy Hanukkah, then said, “I think this one will go down as especially special.”

Like Elvis, Decency has left the building.

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