Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump Names Himself Time's Man of the Year

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. After Time magazine, a hoary relic from the past,  named a group as it's Person of the Year, Donnie went out and named himself Time's Man of the Year. Since Trump had already forged a Time cover several years ago falsely naming himself to the honor the Grabber in Chief said this was merely history repeating itself.

  1. Is there any person in public life looking more miserable than Melania? Well Ivanka would be but she is hiding out while waiting for her husband to get a richly deserved indictment.

  1. The great scandal at the Met is not the charges of sexual assault/abuse by its leader James Levine, but that the management of the Met and the community at large knew about it and did nothing.

  1. It is not true that the Trump organization which used to charge hotel operators to use the Trump name are now paying those same operators to keep the Trump name on their hotels.

  1. John Conyers is out. For the Dems it's one down and two to go, and maybe Sen. Franken will do the right thing and leave. That would leave one unknown Congressman from Nevada to end his career by stepping down.

  1. A Texas Republican Congressman say he will repay the $84,000 taxpayers shelled out in a settlement to a person alleging sexual abuse by the Congressman. He says he did nothing wrong, meaning that he agreed to the $84k payment because it wasn't coming out of his pocket, or because he really did do something wrong. Could be both. Probably both.

  1. It has not been confirmed that Trumpie's defense against what is likely to be money laundering/improper financial transactions involving Deutsche Bank is that “I am not smart enough to do that.” People close to Trumpie say that could be a winning argument before an impartial jury or even a Republican one.

  1. Is John Dowd the creepiest lawyer we have ever seen.

  1. Alabama Republicans believe that the media made up the charges against Roy Moore. There is no, zero, nada evidence to support this. When asked about that the Alabama Republican party did not say, “Evidence, we don't need no stinkin' evidence.”

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