Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Roy Moore Tied With Democrat Among Registered Voter – But Has Big Lead in Elections -

Huh – Oh, Democrats Won't Bother to Vote

So They Don't Deserve to Win

The Alabama Senate race should be an easy win for the Democrats even in the big red strate. The Republican candidate is reviled for being a serial sexual predator. Of course die hard religious folks don't care about that, but there are enough decent people in Alabama to make the race competitive. So it is no surprise the race is tied in the polls.

Except of course it is not.

The Senate contest looks to be highly dependent on turnout. Moore has a lead over Democrat Doug Jones, 49 percent to 43 percent, among the likely voters who are most apt to vote on Dec. 12. Among all registered voters, the contest is even.

Yep the Democratic supporters won't bother to vote, so if Roy Moore, the disgusting candidate who shops at Perverts 'R Us may end up in the Senate thanks to Dems who just don't give a damn. Yeah, all talk, no action.  The Democrats stayed home and that was why Trumpie was elected.  No he was not supported by a majority or even a plurality.  The winner in the 2016 electon, voting apathy.  The loser, America.

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