Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Does Trumpie's Best Bud Putin Conduct Democracy? Easy, Ban the Opposition Candidate

Expect Trump to Praise Putin as Leader, And Try to Emulate

Donnie has openly expressed how much he loves Putin. And now that Putin has banned the opposition candidate from next years election expect Donnie to love him even more.

MOSCOW—Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny threatened protests and called for a nationwide boycott of next year’s presidential election after officials Monday ruled him ineligible to run against President Vladimir Putin.
We are declaring a voters’ strike,” said Mr. Navalny, 41 years old, in a video released after the Central Election Committee announced it would bar him from the March 2018 election. “Going to the voting booth now is voting for lies and corruption.”
He said on Twitter he would use his substantial street support in Russia’s bigger cities to organize protests against the decision.
It used to be, of course that Russia and before that the USSR was the enemy of American and freedom. Well, they still are, it's just that right now it seems like the Republicans and Trumpie are also the enemies of America and freedom, so naturally they ally with Putin. Expect the conservative establishment to whimper in protest.

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