Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is it That Conservatives Hate About America? Well Free Speech For One

Free Speech Means They Get to Speak, You Don’t

The contrast between what conservatives say and how they act is on the center stage in North Carolina where a Federal Appeals court has ruled that no, the state of North Carolina cannot allow just one side of the abortion rights debate to be on the license plates.

What Tar Heel Residents really need to do is choose a more rational legislature

The ruling is the third time one of the Republican-led General assembly’s anti-abortion laws has been struck down over the past three years.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled in a 3-0 opinion written by Judge James Wynn of North Carolina.
“Chief amongst the evils the First Amendment prohibits are government ‘restrictions distinguishing among different speakers, allowing speech by some but not others,’” Wynn wrote, quoting an unrelated U.S. Supreme Court decision. “In this case, North Carolina seeks to do just that: privilege speech on one side of the hotly debated issue — reproductive choice — while silencing opposing voices.”

Personally we fail to understand why it is that anti-abortion rights groups, or any advocacy group for that matter feel that by having their positon advertised on a license plate will change anyone’s views.  Do they really think that someone driving down the road who is an ardent abortion rights supporter will see a license plate that says ‘choose life’ and so completely change their views?

Are they that stupid?  Well, . . .

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