Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Obamahatred – The Cruel New Disease That Strikes the Semi-rational and Irrational and Renders Them Crazed, Incoherent Liars – Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan the Latest Victim

Give Now and Let’s Rid the World of This Horrible Contagion

Epidemiologists will look back at 2008 at the year that a non-deadly but highly destructive disease emerged in America, Obamahatred.  The first to succumb to this horrific malady were the irrational conservatives, personified by people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.  These individuals were already over the cliff, hanging on by their fingernails and then Obamahatred struck and rendered them completely unhinged.

This would have been a tragedy in itself, but now the disease has spread and some conservatives who had temporary lucid moments and small periods of rationality have been totally devastated by this disease. The latest to succumb is Wall Street Journal opinion writer Peggy Noonan, and although she had displayed symptoms of the disease before, she has now been diagnosed as having a full blown case and the result is that her writings ravings have been rendered Limbaugh class incomprehensible and deceitful.

Case in point is this most recent column in which she takes the President to task for this.

Meanwhile, back in America, the Little Sisters of the Poor were preparing their legal briefs. The Roman Catholic order of nuns first came to America in 1868 and were welcomed in every city they entered. They now run about 30 homes for the needy across the country. They have, quite cruelly, been told they must comply with the ObamaCare mandate that all insurance coverage include contraceptives, sterilization procedures, morning-after pills. If they don't—and of course they can't, being Catholic, and nuns—they will face ruinous fines.

It is difficult to find such a blatant lie and massive hysteria even in the writings of Palin and Limbaugh.  The truth of the matter is this. 

The nuns do not have to offer contraceptive services and can simply sign a form which does nothing but indicate they are opting out.  In most cases this would mean their insurance carrier would have to provide the coverage, but in the case of the nuns their insurance carrier is a religious affiliate and so it is exempt.  In short, totally and complete accommodation has been made for the religious beliefs of these nuns and they are being allowed to deny basic health care coverage to the employees of the organizations they sponsor.

The people who are being treated cruelly here are the women who work in these organizations and have a complete right to access to family planning through their health insurance, and who rights are being denied by a government forced to accept the political consequences of not denying them their rights.

It is almost certain that a huge majority of Americans use family planning and it is almost certain that a huge majority Americans have no understanding of why contraception is somehow evil.  And yet even though Mr. Obama’s health care reform allows the unwarranted exception that the nuns have access too, a crazed conservative crowd calls this cruelty.

So far no charitable group has started a fund drive to try and rid the nation of the horrible affliction of Obamahatred.  And it is not required to be covered by health care reform.  But as more people exhibit the symptoms like Ms. Noonan does in her column surely the movement will start.  And when it does, please give.  Yes, the Limbaugh’s and the Palin’s are beyond help and cannot be saved, but surely there are those who lives can be rescued. 

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