Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update to the Curtis Reeves Story – The Man in Florida Who Shot and Killed a Fellow Movie Goer for Texting the Babysitter Before the Movie Started

Just an Outstanding Guy

At a bail hearing for Curtis Reeves, Jr., a Florida man about whom there is no question that he pulled his gun and killed a man in the movies who was texting before the picture started, his attorney said this.

Curtis Reeves' attorney, Richard Escobar, argued there's no need for him to put up assets for bail, saying he is a lifelong resident and married for 46 years as well as a decorated law enforcement officer.
"He has never had a shooting as a law enforcement officer is his entire career," Escobar said. "This is an individual of personal responsibility, an individual of integrity. He is a churchgoing man. There is absolutely no reason to believe Mr. Reeves is a danger to anyone in this community and any other community."
He also said the enhanced video shows Reeves was hit by a hand and a cell phone.
"This is not a throwing popcorn case only," he said. "This is throwing a deadly missile case."

And no, there is no evidence that the attorney broke down into hysterical laughter as he was saying it.  And who knew that cell phone's were a deadly missile case? Will they now fall under the gun lobby protection. (And no, there is no visual evidence or witnesses that anything other than maybe popcorn was thrown.  Of course throwing popcorn at someone verbally accosting a movie goer is a capital offense.)

So apparently in Florida a person of “personal responsibility” and “an individual of integrity” is characterized as someone who takes a gun to a movie and kills another patron.  And that is certainly no reason to believe he is a danger to anyone, after all he goes to church on Sunday (kills on Monday?)

The judge in the case has denied bail. So at least part of Florida is not insane.  This is great news, because this is Florida and Mr. Reeves may well be acquitted, with a jury blaming his victim for daring to go to the movies with his wife at the same time as Mr. Reeves went to the movies with his wife. So by denying bail this murderer will have served at least some time in jail. And of course this is really the victim's fault, he was unarmed and anyone who goes unarmed to a movie certainly deserves to be killed.

The mistake Mr. Reeves made of course was not shooting an African American teenager.  In that case he would have been a hero to conservatives and the gun lobby.  And if that person had been wearing a hoodie, well Mr. Reeves would be free to go on Fox News and be acclaimed a paragon of virtue.

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  1. Unlike George Zimmerman, Curtis appears to have hired a moron for a lawyer. Also unlike Mr. Zimmerman, he did not kill the only witness besides himself. He will be convicted.