Friday, February 7, 2014

Curtis Reeves, Who Shot and Killed a Man in a Movie For Texting During a Preview, Wants Out on Bail - Because How Could Such a Person Be a Threat to Anyone?

Let Him Out, Curtis is the Kind of Person We All Want Roaming the Streets

This Forum has previously commented on the story of Curtis Reeves, a retired law enforcement officer who like regular people packed his gun and went to the movies.  When Curtis became enraged over a man texting the babysitter before the movie started he shot and killed him.

Curtis J. Reeves Jr., a former Tampa
 police captain, is charged
with second-degree murder
after an argument over
 texting at a theater.
 Pool photo by Brendan Fitterer
Now Mr. Reeves wants out on bail.  And here is the compelling, logical and irrefutable reason he and his attorney give for letting him out on bail.

Mr. Reeves has been in jail since the shooting. If convicted, he could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.
His lawyer, Richard Escobar, said Mr. Reeves had been defending himself.
Much of the hearing was taken up with character witnesses who described Mr. Reeves, a longtime Tampa officer, as a responsible, caring law enforcement veteran who would not be a threat if released on bail.

Uh, hasn't the question of whether or not he would be a threat already been answered?  

Well gosh, just a responsible caring law enforcement veteran who would not be a threat to anyone.  Well, unless you happened to be doing something he didn’t like, in which case he would gun you down and claim self defense or stand your ground.  And yes, the gun lobby does believe the gun laws should be written so that Curtis and his like can gun down anyone they choose, it's all in the 2nd Amendment.

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