Monday, February 17, 2014

Observations While Waiting for the Winter Olympics and the Winter Weather to End – Both Are Intolerable

But At Least the Olympics Could Have Been Prevented

While at one time there may have been  a justification for the Olympic Games, today they are just another excess, another source of entertainment, another diversion of resources from productive to unproductive uses.  So here are other things.

  1. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reported earned $44 million last year from making the NFL extremely profitable.  Did we mention the NFL is a tax exempt organization?

  1. In Minnesota the Democratic Governor is enjoying very high approval ratings.  This is in spite (or maybe because ) of a tax increase on wealthy citizens and approval of gay marriage. 

  1. With Jeb Bush dithering on whether or not to run for President the establishment types in the Republican Party are turning to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.  Thanks public employee unions for raising his profile by your disastrous recall campaign.

  1. Will the U. S. allow Comcast and Time Warner Cable to merge and create a huge cable/entertainment company.  Of course, what’s the problem.  Those who accuse the Obama Administration of being anti-business don’t know the facts.  Those who accuse the Obama Administration of being anti-consumer do know the facts.

  1. Paul Krugman points everyone to economist Greg Mankiw who defends the compensation of the 1%.  According to Mankiw they deserve it for the great job they do in allocating capital resources to productive uses.  Yeah, those financial geniuses who were the major cause of the Great Recession. 

  1. The most hated Republican in Washington is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, that is most hated by other Republicans. 

  1. John McCain can’t understand why sending aid to anti-American zealots in the Syrian civil war would be harmful.  He points the U. S. role in Iraq as an example.  Really, we are not making this up.

  1. Sen. Mike Lee (R, Ut) has blasted the President for delaying implementation of parts of health care reform.  Sen. Lee is an ardent opponent of the reform and fought to delay implementation.
    So exactly why he is opposed to the President delaying implementation is a mystery only Sen. Lee can solve, or not.  And apparently the news media which reports this sort of thing has forgotten that delaying implementation of health care reform was a major Republican policy initiative, at least until the President actually did it.

  1. On gay marriage Mitt Romney has said "It's going to take a long, long time to determine whether having gay marriage will make it less likely for kids to be raised in settings where there's a mom and a dad,".  Exactly how and why that would come about is not clear, not evident and not even logical.  Just another example of why even the harshest critics of Pres. Obama are not saying the country would have been better off with Mitt.

  1. In Georgia the gun nuts want to make it okay for persons to bring their guns to the airport.  Gosh, what could go wrong there, nothing bad has ever happened with guns and air travel before.

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