Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tom Perkins, Billionaire Who Compared Taxing the 1% to the Nazi Attack on Jews Issues and Apology

In Which He Says He is Not Sorry


A few weeks ago, before the storm of the century, or at least the storm of the month trapped everyone inside for like a day the Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece by someone named Tom Perkins.  Mr. Perkins was horrified that anyone would criticize billionaires whom the critics felt paid less in taxes than they should have.  Mr. Perkins took this basic political argument and strongly hinted that it was akin to the Nazi attacks on Jewish business on what has become known as Krystallnacht (the shattering of the glass windows of Jewish owned businesses).

Now Mr. Perkins is entitled to say what he thinks, and quite frankly everyone should be glad that he has honestly stated what many if not most of his fellow plutocrats believe, that taxing them is akin to being Nazis.  And until now no comment was needed as others had nicely exposed this man for what he is.  But according to this report in Politico Mr. Perkins is apologizing for his remarks.

Again, Perkins apologized for using the word “Kristallnacht” in his Wall Street Journal comparison of the 1 percent to the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany, but maintained that the parallel still holds.

“I spilled a little more blood than I planned. But I’m not sorry I did it,” he said.

Now we are not certain how the statement “I’m not sorry I did it” qualifies as an apology but in the spirit of things on behalf of all of the people who have called Mr. Perkins a terrible, awful, nasty person we apologize and will say we are not sorry they did it.

There, everyone feel better?

One other point.  In the same comments Mr. Perkins apparently called for everyone to get the number of votes to be equal to what they paid in taxes.  Pay a million dollars in taxes, your vote counts for a million votes.  This upset a lot of people who failed to understand that Mr. Perkins was making a joke, making fun of them by showing how they are unable to separate out the serious from the silly.  So our messge to our liberal friends is "get a sense of humor".  Just because the otherside is dour doesn't mean you have to be so also.

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