Monday, February 3, 2014

Washington Post Acts as Hacks and Flacks For New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in His Time of Peril

A Newspaper, Or a PR Machine for Republicans?

With New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie under attack from various factions, his public relations efforts are in full battle mode.  But they need an outlet, and where better to look than the Washington Post, a newspaper trying to curry favor with the right wing by giving voice to a bunch of kooky commentators.

So here is a story about just how kind and considerate and generous the current Governor was when he was a high school baseball player and faced benching because a transfer student would be taking his starting position.

A better player was transferring in from another school. Now, it looked as if Christie might spend his senior season on the bench.

“The family was considering consulting attorneys, to see if this could be blocked,” Parsons remembered Christie telling him. “He told me that if that happened, there was a chance that the whole team would have to forfeit the spring season. And he asked me what my thoughts were.”
Parsons told him: Don’t. “I looked at him and I said, ‘Chris, hey man, I want to play my senior season,’” Parsons said.

In that instance, Christie passed up the chance to play legal hardball. Parsons didn’t hear about the lawyers again. The new kid played, Christie sat, and the Livingston Lancers won the state title.

Yes everyone you are reading this correctly.  The great magnanimous gesture that Chris Christie did in high school was not to bring legal action against a student who was transferring into his high school and taking his position on the baseball team

Cue the Nobel Committee!!!  Put out a special addition.  Print the stamps with his picture on it, never mind that he is still alive.  This is the most unselfish, kindest act of the century.

Need more praise for the Governor, there is this

To Parsons, the most impressive thing Christie did in high school was to surrender his starting spot without a fight.
“He stayed on the team. Just about anybody else would say, ‘I’m going to have a friggin’ good time, I’m not going to sit around and watch games,’ ” Parsons said. “We still remember how he conducted himself. . . . He did it with such class.”

So there you have it folks.  After digging into Chris Christie’s past this is the best they could come up with.  The most impressive thing Mr. Christie did in high school was not quit the baseball team when he lost his starting position or sue to keep the competitor off the team.  Yes, he also picked up a candy wrapper on the field one time, but that is just not in the same category of good deeds as this one. 

The story tells a lot about Mr. Christie, just not in the way his PR team expected when the sicced the Washington Post onto this story.

Regardless of the merits of the case, Gov. Christie is getting what he deserves.  They play hardball politics in New Jersey, and Mr. Christie has forgotten that when he is throwing beanballs at the opposing players, the inning will eventually be over, he will be up to bat and the opposing side can try to stick the pitch in his head.  And even if he did lose his starting position on the baseball team that is an analogy that even Mr. Christie can relate to.

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