Sunday, February 16, 2014

Equality 18, Bigotry 0 as Virginia’s Rule Against Same Sex Marriage is Rule Unconstitutional

And the Sorry, Worthless Reaction of Conservatives

A federal judge in Virginia ruled the way every court has ruled since the Supreme Court ruled in Windsor that same sex couples legally married in state that recognizes marriage must be recognized as married by the federal government.  That judge joined 17 other court ruling in determining that there was no rational basis, no reason other than hatred and prejudice for a state to ban same sex marriage. 

That’s right, there have been 18 ruling and all 18 have been against the bigotry and hatred of conservatives. So who exactly is on the wrong side here, the bigots or the 32 individual judges in these decisions of all political positions appointed by President of all the different philosophies?  

 The conservative reaction in Virginia was not unexpected, but still disappointing.

The ruling prompted Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William), co-author of the ban, to call for the judge’s impeachment in a speech on the House floor.
“Legislating through the courts against the will of the people is lawless disregard for our representative form of government,” Marshall said.
Del. Thomas “Tommy” C. Wright Jr. (R-Lunenburg) rose on the House floor as well to declare that marriage was created for “the purpose of procreation.”
“Legislatures can pass the laws they want to. Judges can make the rules they want to. The law of God will stand,” he said to applause and a whistle from the Republican side.
The disappointment of course is that, is this the best the opposition can do?  Really are they so completely out of coherent arguments for their position that they cannot even muster the pretense of supporting their opposition to marriage equality with even a tiny bit of rationale?

But okay Del. Tommy Wright, here’s a deal.  Let the same sex couples enter into loving, productive satisfying marriages (and divorces) and they will be happy to deal with the consequences in the after life.  The question of course though, what about your bigotry and hatred Del. Wright, are you prepared to deal with the consequences in the afterlife if you are judged? 

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