Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Okay Fishing Industry – Here’s a Shrimp You Can Overfish to Extinction

Go Ahead, Use Your Species Killing Skills for a Good Purpose

The U. S. waters are constantly being invaded by alien species who end up destroying, or severely damaging native stock.  These are serious problems, and it has now come to light that giant (by shrimp standards, pardon the oxymororn) tiger shrimp from Asia are being found in the U. S. coastal waters. This is not a good thing.

Researchers worry that the Asian cannibal species is preying on the smaller, native sea life, competing for resources and carrying disease.

Giant tiger shrimpUnfortunately the article does not comment on whether or not these shrimp are edible, but it seems like they should be, after all shrimp are shrimp.  So the message here to the fishing industry is to catch all you can, dress them out and dig out the barrels of cocktail sauce.  No one is going to complain if you deplete these stocks.

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